At Resolutions Hospice, our actions are driven by our core values:

Always… choose the right.

We are here to serve our patients and their families.

We recognize that our patients and families have a right to grieve in their own way.

We treat our patients, their families and each other with dignity and respect.

Cornerstones of Resolutions Hospice

A letter from our Founder

I started Resolutions Hospice in honor of my father, Bill G. Bodine. My father never smoked a cigarette in his life, but he was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in August of 2004. All of his daughters were nurses, and we each had different opinions as to what type of treatment was needed, but dad felt he had lived a full life and did not want to pursue aggressive treatment, so he was placed on hospice. Unfortunately, the care provided to him was a very poor example of what hospice should be. This is when I learned some very valuable lessons about what it meant to have a loved one receiving hospice care. Although I had managed hospice companies for over ten years, and had worked hard to ensure that patients were receiving the best care possible, I learned that what I thought was important as a manager, and what I thought was important as a daughter, were not always the same. My father died at his home on October 12, 2004. On the first anniversary of his death, I made a Resolution to open a hospice that truly focused on doing the right thing for patients, families, and for employees, thus Resolutions Hospice was begun.

I know that if you are contemplating hospice care, this is a very difficult time in your life. I consider it an honor to be able to care for your loved one and to try to make this time as peaceful as possible for you and for your family.

Joi Bodine
Resolutions Hospice