Bereavement Program

We recognize the needs of the families during this emotionally challenging times and beyond the death of their loved one. Our bereavement program involves support through in person visits, phone support and letters of encouragement.

Grief is a normal reaction to losing someone you love. Each person grieves differently and there is no timeline for how long it takes before the hurt of loss lessens. Hospice understands this; we know that grieving can begin before the actual death and last longer than a few weeks or months.

Resolutions Hospice offers consistent and continuing grief and bereavement support to families while a patient is under our care and for up to 13 months following a death. Even after that time, we are always available to listen and help you work through your grief. 

Resolutions Hospice bereavement services include:

  • Home visits from bereavement specialists, chaplains and volunteers
  • Bereavement telephone support
  • Periodic bereavement letters of support
  • Community resource referrals to grief therapists, community support groups, etc.
  • We honor our patients who have passed through annual memorial services at each of our offices in Austin, Bastrop, Houston and Katy. It is an interfaith service lead by our Chaplains and provides an opportunity for reflection and remembrance.