At Resolutions Hospice, we know it can be difficult to determine the right time for hospice care for your patients or loved ones.  Often we have patients and families say that they wish they would have known about hospice care sooner.  Referring as soon as possible after a terminal diagnosis can significantly increase the effectiveness of hospice care because it give the care team ample time to address the patient’s physical needs, as well as the emotional and spiritual needs.

After the initial referral is made, a Resolutions Hospice staff member will meet with the patient and their family to discuss available programs and services, and answer questions that they may have regarding hospice care.  With the patient’s consent, and once the patient’s physician and our medical director determine that hospice is appropriate, our nurse will then assess the patient’s needs  and create a care plan customized to meet those needs.  We work closely with the patient’s physician to ensure effective communication and a smoother transition to hospice that maintains continuity of care for our patients.